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Pool Chemicals, Equipment, Cleaners & Toys

At Marlboro Swimming Pool and Supply, Inc, we carry a full line of quality products and equipment to keep your pool looking and running great! The following featured products are just a small sampling of our inventory.

Featuring SunGuard Chemicals

Chemicals to keep your water clean and clear, and your equipment performing at its best

Featuring SunGuard, Baquacil, Sea Klear, Natural Chemistry and United Chemical

  • Sanitizers: Chlorine Granular, Chlorine Tablets (1 inch and 3 inch), and Chlorine Sticks
  • Oxidizers: Di-Chlor Shock, EZ Shock, No Chlor Crystals, and Liquid Chlorine.
  • Balancers: Chlorine Stabilizer, PH Increaser, PH Decreaser, Calcium Hardness, and Alkalinity Increaser.
  • Algaecides: Algaecide (60% and 50% concentrated), Swamp Treat, Pink Treat, Yellow Treat and Green Treat.
  • Specialty: Phosphate Remover, Stain and Scale Control, Super Clarifier, Metal-out, Floc-out, Tile and Vinyl Cleaner, and Filter Cleaner.
  • Bulk Bags: D.E. Filter Powder (25 lbs), Sand (50Lbs), Pool Salt (40lbs),and Zeolite (25lbs).

Top-quality Equipment for Low-Maintenance Enjoyment of Your Pool


Featuring: Hayward, Pentair, Inter-Fab and SR Smith Pool Products
  • Filters: Cartridge, DE and Sand
  • Pumps: Single and Variant Speed
  • Motors: Single and multi-speed, 1-3 Horsepower, threaded, key shaft, and square-flanged
  • Salt Chlorine Generators: Up to 40,000 galllon and 20,000 gallon pools
  • Heaters and Heat pumps: Electronic and millivolt
  • Maintenance Equipment: Vacuum Heads, Hoses, Poles, Vinyl and And Stainless Steel Brushes, Hand Skimmers, Leaf Rakes, Therometers, Test Kits and Test Strips
  • Misc: Lights, Diving Boards, Sliding Boards, Ladders, and plumbing fittings 


Automatic Pool Cleaners

Featuring: Polaris, Dolphin, Kreepy Krauly, Pentair, and Hayward
  • Robotic Cleaners
  • Suction Based Cleaners
  • Pressure Based Cleaners

    *Through July 1st, ask us about special manufacturer rebates of $100 - $150 on select Polaris products


Toys, Inflatables, Games and Other Accessories

  • Games: Volleyball, Basketball, Golf, Badminton, Paddle Pong, and Diving
  • Floats: Lounges, Chairs, Baby Floaters, Water Tubes, Water Wheels, and Aqua Rockers
  • Accessories: Fountains,Pool Signs, Arm Floats, Ear Plugs, Nose Clips, Swim Caps, Snorkels, Masks, Fins and Goggles
  • Featuring: GAME, Pool Master, Swimline and Ocean Blue



& Free Computerized Water Testing!

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